Jeff's car Jeff's car Before Picture 156047860 Shiny 156047861 Tearing it apart and Primer 156047862 Whooa this is a lot of work 156047863 Before paint 156047864 Jeff finally helped out 156047865 Hood 156047866 color sanding 156047867 Last fender done 156047868 Starting on the rest of the body 156047869 rustoration Getting the pan off. 156654697 Cutting the heater channels out Fire works. 156654698 Rustoration Pans off. 156654699 Rustoration Getting the rust out. 156654700 Rustoration. Gonna clean the chassis too. 156654701 Rustoration Heater channels are in. Door post to go. 156654702 New Paint It is ruby red again. Door posts are in. 156736978 Body is off. 157700853 157700854 Going way too far to turn back now. 157700855 Ruby Red? 157700856 Doors are hard to paint. 157700857 All these parts. Keven was a great help.He worked for VWOA in the seventies. 157700858 Wow. I did not intend for it to go this far. 157700859 This one turned out nice. 157821053 The doors were hung on the body with care in hopes that St. Nicholas would soon be there. 157821054 The body is back on the chassis. 158050628 This was way harder than it looks. 158050629 Tack the body 171458586 all taped off 171458587 Getting 10 more coats of paint. 171458588 Reassmbly. That stainless trim makes that ruby red pop. 171458590 I love how even the wheel wells shine. 171458591 New Carpet set from Hill Top 171458592 Luggage area. 171458593 Whooaa that's alot of red. 171458594 Rear fenders and seals completed. 171458595 Oh it's really shiny. 171458596 Driver's side is finished except for the running boards. Hill top had all these parts in stock. They are amaging. 171458598 The trim really makes the ruby red pop. 177236256 Lights are installed. 177236257 It shines. 177236258 177236259 Before and after seats. 177236260 I love red 185557683 185557684 Even the fender wells Have the same shine. 185557685 engine 185557686 185557687 185557688 185557689 185557691 185557692 185557693 185557694 headliner 185557695 Right front wheel well 185557696 dirt from the road. 185557697 185557698 Pan 185557699 Pan 185557700 New heater channels 185557701 Plenty of storage 185557702 185557703 Dash 185557704 Door post driver's side 185557705 Love driving this car 185557706 glove box 185557707 Door panel 185557708 185557709 185557710 Bottom of back seat 185557711